49999, 50000 – Sable & Smokie

Born Approx 5/15/18
Female (49999) & Male (50000)
FIV & FeLV status n/a

Why choose me?

Update 9/25/18 – Sable is still quite a tiny little kitten, but she’s become a playful, happy girl!  She really still loves hanging out with her doting mother, Serafina.  It’s so cute to see them together, because you can feel the love between the two. Also, Sable looks EXACTLY like her mom — she’s Serafina’s little mini-me look-alike!  We think you should consider adopting them both together, since they are quite the dynamic duo.

Update 9/2/18 – Unfortunately, this small family got very sick recently, and Smokie passed away during the night. The good news is that Sable and Serafina both seem to be on the mend now; we’re just terribly sorry that Smokie didn’t make it. Please consider coming to the shelter to meet little Sable and her loving mother.

These two little fluff nuggets came to the shelter with their mom, Serafina, after their previous owner could no longer care for them.  Serafina has been a great mom, who has lovingly raised these kittens, who are now weaned and available for adoption.  Smokie is the gray kitten.  He is a real cutie, who is a bit shy at first, but warms up after you give him some time to get to know you. Sable is the black kitten, and she’s a bit more brave than her brother. Both kittens are curious, and would do best if you’d adopt them both together. After all, a kitten needs to have a playmate at hand at all times, so he or she never gets lonely.  Consider adopting one or both of these balls of joy, Smokie & Sable, today!