49998 – Serafina

1 Year
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 9/25/18: This fine-boned beauty is so tired of being cooped-up in a kennel! In fact, she won’t stop moving even for a photograph, once you open her kennel or pick her up — because she’s so interested in exploring. We do know that Serafina is sure to be forever grateful to the person or family who adopts her!  She’s such a sweet girl, who continues to dote on her kitten, Sable; many mom cats get sick of their young after the kittens are past weaning, but not Serafina.  We think she’s such a good-natured girl, who just wants a home of her own where she can relax and roam.  You may just want to adopt both she and her little mini-me look-alike kitten, Sable, as well… they make such a cute duo!

Serafina came to the shelter with her two little kittens, Smokie and Sable.  She’s been a very dedicated, doting mother to her kittens, who are now weaned, and old enough to be adopted themselves.  We think Serafina deserves a relaxing, loving home of her own, since she was such a great mom!  Oftentimes, people overlook the mom cat, and adopt the kittens instead… so we are hoping you’ll consider adopting mom, too!  Serafina is really only about a year old herself, after all. She’s affectionate with humans, doesn’t seem to mind other cats, and will probably make an easy transition into your home.  Won’t you come meet the sleek Serafina, and give her the chance to enjoy the good life in your home?