49939 – Deere

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Watch Deere enjoying the pool!

Deere had a blast on the agility bridge!

1 year
Male – neutered!
45 lbs
Heartworm negative
Available as of 7/31
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Update 10/7: Deere has discovered the agility bridge, and he LOVES it! With encouragement, he’ll run back and forth seeking praise!

Update 9/20:  Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Deere has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 9/19: If you’d like to get to know Deere, take him to one of the smaller interaction pens in the front. When he’s in one of the back pens, his primary focus is running and getting in every minute of playtime that he can get. Deere still needs some time to run around in the front, but afterwards, his focus is you. Now he can show what a sweet and attentive dog he can be sitting for treats, enjoying pets, and having a good time being with a friend.

Update 8/17: Ohhhhhh dear. I’m in love with Deere. He is a total baby. Little hyper-play-even-though-he’s-tired, BABY. He plays hard, and this giant Jolly ball is his best friend at the moment. He’s fully out of his shell now, and I finally got him into the pool today to cool off.. He’s so funny to watch. He doesn’t know how to slow down and I have to toss the ball into the neighboring pen just to force him a little break! He is totally gonna make someone soooooo happy!

Update 8/15: Deere is now available for adoption as well as rescue! Come meet this fun boy and have a great time–he LOVES to play!

Update 8/13: Deere is one fun dog! He’s so happy to play outside and be with people that you can’t help but smile along with him. He still loves toys, but now you can add some other things to his “favorites” list like getting lots of pets, sitting for treats, and being with friends. He’s such a sweet boy and will thank you for your time with tail wags and kisses!

Watching Deere run is like seeing a deer bounce across a field. Beautiful! I hope another volunteer captures him running on video. When Deere first came to Animal Control, he was frightened and only wanted to run away. He’s made a lot of progress and now runs with joy–especially when he has a toy that he likes! He was bounding across the pen and leaping through the air. He loves treats but wouldn’t trade his prize for them. That was okay because I enjoyed watching him have so much fun. Eventually, Deere found some shade beneath the picnic table and was ready for treats and pets. I had a good time with this happy boy. He’s presently only available to rescues, but I hope that changes soon. Deere is a fun dog filled with joy!

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