49874 – Dolly

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Why choose me?

Update 9/25/18: Check out Dolly’s new photos! She wants you to see her super-cute tuxedo outfit, and that she’s very easy-going and enjoy being petted.  Some shelter cats immediately grab the attention of visitors — by pawing through the kennel door, or by meowing up a storm, but Dolly is a more relaxed type of lady, who typically lounges in her cat bed when visitors arrive. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want attention, though!  Please open her kennel door and give her some pets.  You can even bring her into an Interaction Room, so you can see that she’s a wonderful lady.  Not everyone wants a super-hyper cat or kitten… Dolly is a great choice if you’d like a calmer kitty in your life!

Dolly is such a happy, relaxed cat!  She was found as a stray, but we are certain that she has lived in a home before, and likely one with other cats, since she’s been so relaxed here at the shelter.  All Dolly wants is some attention and a warm lap to sit on.  She’s wearing the cutest little tuxedo, just for you!  Dolly likes to talk a bit, but it’s in the sweetest little raspy voice. It’s charming! We believe that she will transition easily into most any home, including one with other cats.  She’s a gentle girl, so she’ll likely do well with children, as well. Dolly is about as easy-going as a cat comes, so we hope you’ll come meet her soon.  She’s sure to be a great addition to your home!

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