49823 – Tux

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Update 9/25/18: Tux wants you to see that she’s wearing her fancy black-and-white tuxedo best — in hopes that you’ll notice her!  She’s really quite an easy-going lady, who may not reach through the bars of the kennel toward you, or meow incessantly, to get your attention — rather, she’s a properly regal, polite kitty in her own rite.  You’ll notice that she has very “serious”-looking facial expressions in her photos, but she’s actually very friendly, and just a very composed, regal kitty!  She’s likely to be a low-maintenance lady, who is no trouble at all, if you’ll just adopt her into your home and your heart today.

When she first arrived, we weren’t so sure that Tux was going to warm up to the shelter….but now she’s a real social butterfly!  Tux still sometimes hangs out under her blanket, so please open her kennel door if she’s doing so, when you come to meet her. As soon as she sees you, she’s sure to come right out, as happy as a clam!  This lovely lady is wearing her black & white tuxedo best, just for you —  and she loves being petted.  Tux loves to hang out with her kennel neighbor, Prudence. They like pawing through the kennel doors, politely, and connecting with one another. Tux will likely do well in a home with existing cats/pets.  She also loves looking out the window, and is very excited to move into a new home!  Tux has come right out of her shell and is a very relaxed, happy cat.  Consider adopting the pretty lady, Tux, into your heart and into your home today!

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