49777 – Marbles

5-6 Months
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 7/2/18

Why choose me?

Marbles is named after the beautiful coat pattern of her fur – she’s a classic tabby, who has the awesome round tabby pattern that looks like “marbling”, with a white bib and white feet!  This youngster is so happy to meet you and everyone else.  She loves other cats and we can see that she will fit in well in a household with children and/or existing pets.  Marbles just wants to be included during the activities of the day… there’s never a dull moment for her.  At times, she wants to cuddle, which is great, because you can give her a hug and some attention, too.  Consider adopting Marbles if you’re looking for an easy addition to your household.  This young lady likes a busy place with constant action!