49674 – Sebastian

11 Months
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 6/30/18

Why choose me?

Sebastian is a beautiful boy who surely has an owner looking for him somewhere. He has a collar on, but of course, there’s no identification either in the form of a tag or a microchip, so we have no way of finding his owner. It’s also unclear what might have happened to him prior to coming to the shelter because he has an obvious bite wound on his left front leg/shoulder. It looks like a bite from another cat. Since this guy isn’t neutered, it’s very possible he wandered away from home to go out catting around town and wound up getting beaten up by another male trying to do the same thing. Sebastian is the perfect reminder to 1) spay and neuter your pets and 2) make sure they are microchipped and wearing a collar with a tag!

We’re obviously hoping that Sebastian’s owner is looking for him and will find him soon, but it’s also possible that he was dumped somewhere or that his previous owner isn’t looking for him since he’s been at the shelter since June 21st and no one has come looking for him yet. 🙁 In the event that no one comes forward, he’s going to need a new home, especially as our shelter keeps staying right around capacity. Sebastian is a sweet guy who seems a little timid when you first meet him, but who loves attention. He also has a sleepy-eyed, “grumpy cat” expression that gives him a bit of a funny look in his pictures. He’s not a particularly big cat, and he seems to be very easy-going and relaxed at the shelter. We think he’d be a great house cat, so why don’t you come get to know him?