49671 – Kimchi

Born Approx. 5/15/18
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 9/11/18 – Kimchi the Kitten is still available for adoption!  Appearance-wise, Kimchi is mostly white, with a few brown tabby patches.  She’s currently located in the Free Roam Cat Room, where it’s super easy to meet her, since all you’ve got to do is walk right into the room.  While I was at the shelter today, Kimchi was being very silly — playing in the sink!  After she used up her kitten energy playing, she then proceeded to snuggle on a wall shelf with her friends, Julia and Rihanna.  This sweet little girl has it all — looks, great social skills around other kitties, and an amazing mix of both playful and snuggles! Don’t hesitate — come meet Kimchi the Kitten today, so you can see that she’ll make a great addition to your household.

Update 9/4/18 – Selma was adopted today, but Kimchi is still looking for her fur-ever home!  Kimchi is the white kitten with some brown tabby patches, Why don’t you come meet her? She’s just as cute as her sister.

Kimchi & Selma are beautiful, relaxed little kittens who are looking for their furr-ever home! They can both be a little shy, particularly Selma (the solid brown tabby). But Selma quickly overcomes her fears when meeting new folks. She generally follows her sister’s example, so when Kimchi is relaxed, Selma tends to be so as well. Since they both love to sleep more than almost anything else, they can often be found in their cat bed napping together. While these two do not need to be adopted together, we think they’d be a great pair if you were interested in adopting two kittens (2 is always better than 1)). We hope these lovely babies will find their homes soon!