49399, 49400, 49401 – Clooney, Julia & Rihanna

Born Approx 5/31/18
Females (49398, 49400, 49401) & Male (49399)
FIV & FeLV status n/a
Available as 8/10/18


Why choose me?

Update 9/12/18: Julia and Rihanna are thriving in the Free Roam Cat Room! We hope you stop by the shelter soon, because the room is full of cute little kittens, who are constantly doing silly things.  Julia and Rihanna absolutely love playing and snuggling with the other kittens in the room.  These two social butterflies will literally climb up your leg, when you enter the Free Roam Cat Room, begging for attention.  Both kittens are still available for adoption, and will do best in a home with another kitten playmate or two.

How to identify who is who:  Both kittens have brown tabby markings, with white on their chests and feet — but Rihanna’s tabby coat has a more caramel coloring, while Julia is darker brown.  Julia is smaller than Rihanna, and has more white on her face, notably around her nose and mouth.

Update 9/6/18: Clooney has been adopted, but Julia and Rihanna are still available! They are both happy, playful and outgoing. You can meet them in the shelter’s Free Roam Cat Room!

Update 8/13/18: The kitten with ledger #49398 has been adopted. Also, we updated some name info. Clooney is a male, and Julia & Rihanna are the females. These three are still available for adoption and cannot wait to meet you!

The “Show Biz” kittens are ready to dazzle you! They are all outgoing, curious, and very entertaining, as their names suggest.  They each look quite similar, but are basically brown tabbies with some white markings.  These little kittens are just a bucket of fun.  We hope you’ll consider adopting more than one, as kittens do best when they have a playmate at all times.  Come to the shelter soon, spend some time with this fun bunch, and you’ll see that they are sure to add some real entertainment to your life!