49226 – Dagny

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Update 9/11/18: Dagny and I spent some time together today, in the Interaction Room, where her favorite thing was to stalk a feather wand, chase toy mice, and sneak up on a jingle ball!  Who knew that Dagny was such a playful young lady?  She really is mini-panther, with her gorgeous sleek coat of fur, and her “hunting” prowess.   This lovely lady is currently the shelter’s longest resident, as she’s been here since she was still caring for her kittens in May 2018!  Dagny’s personality is a great mix of independent and affectionate — she is purr-fectly happy doing her own thing for most of the day, so it’s no problem if she’s alone while you’re a work.  She also has an affectionate side and is sure to greet you when you return home.  Overall, she’s quite a low-maintenance cat… all you’ve got to do is provide her with some cat toys, and perhaps a nice window where she can perch and observe the happenings of the outdoors – though she does need an indoor-only home. Dagny has been such a patient and gracious kennel resident, while waiting for her fur-ever home – don’t you think she deserves the gift of adoption?

Update 9/7/18 – Dagny is still here at the shelter and looking for her forever home. She is now our longest resident, so we are hoping that you’ll come in and meet her. She may be FIV+, but it doesn’t mean that she can’t live in a home with other cats, and she’s been doing very well at the shelter. Why don’t you give her a chance?

Update 6/17/18 – We recently discovered that sweet Dagny is actually FIV+. But she doesn’t let it get her down, and it shouldn’t be a deterrent from anyone wanting to adopt her. FIV is really only transferred through deep bite wounds, so FIV+ cats often live long lives with other cats (who aren’t FIV+) with no problems and no transmission of the disease to healthy animals. You can learn more about FIV with a quick google search or you can ask shelter staff for more information when you stop by to meet Dagny. If you’d be willing to give Dagny a home (either with or without other cats), you would be her angel!

This very friendly young lady raised her kittens at the shelter, after arriving at the beginning of May.  Dagny did a wonderful job while nursing and caring for her four babies, who are now weaned and ready to find homes of their own.  As such a wonderful mom, Dagny deserves to find a great home herself, don’t you think? Oftentimes people are more interested in the kittens, and the mom cat gets overlooked.  Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to Dagny!  She’s a friendly, relaxed girl, who is estimated to be only one year old herself. We are sure that a special someone has a place for her.  She will make for an awesome house cat.   Dagny is independent enough to do her own thing, but she also enjoys attention from humans, and she doesn’t seem to mind other friendly cats at all.  You can help this sweet, devoted mom by adopting her into your home!

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