51246 – MacKenzie

4 years
58 pounds
Heartworm status
Available as of 4/14
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Why choose me?

MacKenzie and Hooch are the cutest mama and pup duo! She beams with joy and he’s so smushy and lovable. MacKenzie LOVES squeaky toys and acts like a puppy herself when you take one out. Her eyes light up, and she can’t wait for you to throw it. When you do, she’s quick to chase it with little Hooch right behind his mama. MacKenzie has the best smile ever, and Hooch is absolutely adorable. They’re both super sweet and love pets, treats, and all the attention you can give them. I had a great time playing with MacKenzie and was glad she let Hooch join in. She’s not only a good mama but also a playful, fun dog. They stole my heart, and I bet they can steal yours, too!