50057 – Percy

6-12 months
34 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/13
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Update 8/13: Percy has come so far! He’s such an affectionate boy and is happy to spend all of his time being loved on. He’s no longer afraid of a leash and can walk to the grassy interaction pens in the back. He takes his time, but that’s okay. Once you’re there, he’ll soak up all the love and attention you give him. He’s a sweetheart!

Percy is an adorable pup! Until today, he’s been hiding in his kennel too afraid to venture beyond his gate. To my surprise, I saw Percy out with one of our dedicated volunteers. He needed a friend, and today was the day. I called out, “Let me get my camera!” When I entered their interaction pen, I was so happy to see Percy gently taking treats and being loved. He’s still not totally comfortable at the pound, but I believe he’ll get there. Percy was found wandering with his little pal Dorie. He’s been afraid of being leashed, so allowing it is a big step forward. He still needs to walk at his own pace and probably only to the interaction pen across from his kennel (at least for now). He hasn’t been ready to be picked up, but today he was enjoying pets and attention. Percy is a sweet pup who needs to feel safe. Look into his big brown eyes and fall in love!