50042 – Bubba

Rescue Only

2 years
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/10
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Why choose me?

I fell in love with Bubba today! He’s being treated for demodex (it’s not contagious), but I think he’s adorable and love his squishy face. Sit with him and be ready for lots of lovin’! Bubba loves putting his front legs in your lap and pressing his head against you. He also likes giving kisses. A police officer found Bubba in the middle of the road watching the cars go by. I’m so glad he wasn’t hurt! Hopefully, he’ll find a new home where he’s properly cared for and loved. He definitely has lots of love to share in return. Presently, Bubba is only available to rescues, but he can still enjoy cuddle time with new friends!