50038 – Bess

1 year
38 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/31
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Why choose me?

Sweet Bess is worried about being at the pound. She and her young pup were surrendered yesterday, and she’s wondering why she’s here. I found her curled up on her bed afraid of all the barking surrounding her kennel. While Bess wasn’t ready to walk with me, she did let me carry her to an interaction pen. At first, she stayed close but then found a patch of grass to lounge on and watch all that was going on. I was hoping to bring her pup outside to lift her spirits, but she was at the vet getting a check up. I imagine not having her little one with her was a worry as well. I sat beside Bess to pet her, and she’d roll over for a belly rub. She’s a sweet, gentle girl who wants to feel safe and loved. By the time we left, Bess was feeling confident enough to walk on a leash. I look forward to spending more time with her and would love to see her happy and having fun. I’m sure she’ll soon feel more comfortable about being at the pound, but what would be even better is that she finds a new home where she’s loved.