50025 – Vince

Rescue Only

2 years
Male – neutered!
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/6
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Why choose me?

Update 8/5: Vince is really unhappy about being at the pound. As a result, he can be cranky about going back into his kennel. Vince misses his home, and this heat is hard on him. I imagine he’s used to spending most of his day inside. He’s still the sweetie I know in an interaction pen but getting him to go back into his run can be a challenge, so he’s now only available to rescues. I hope Vince is rescued soon and can enjoy the comfort of a new home with lots of love and air conditioning.

Vince is a handsome dog with a face that will make you smile. When I took him out of his kennel, he thought it meant he was going home and made a beeline for the door. Since I couldn’t get him to budge, I walked Vince into the lobby, and a caretaker led us through more doors as a shortcut through the building. Vince was thrilled; he just knew he was going home! I know he was disappointed when he didn’t get to hop in a car and instead ended up in an interaction pen. He looked at me like, “Now what?” Fortunately, Vince likes toys, and that seemed to take his mind off things. He also liked being petted and praised. Vince is a sweet, fun dog who’s missing his home. I hope he’s reclaimed, but if that doesn’t happen he’ll need a new home–hopefully, one with a yard he can’t escape and end up at the pound again!