49958 – Snickers

6-12 months
10 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/4
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Why choose me?

Snickers is a funny little boy. When I initially opened the door to the kennel he and his sister, Reese, are sharing, I thought he would be the bolder of the two as he immediately made eye contact and did not move away. However, he stayed in the background and, unlike her, did not come out to explore the puppy room. When I went through my photos, I realized that he’d managed to stay behind her nearly the whole time! Snickers is a cute fellow who could use a little gentleness to help him gain some confidence; for now, the world seems to be a scary place for him but with some help I have no doubt he’ll make a great family member for a lucky someone. Will it be you?