49953 – Helga

Rescue Only

6 months
23 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/3
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Why choose me?

Helga and her sister, Gypsy, are adorable leggy pups. They’re underweight so for now they are only available to rescues, but with some food and TLC we’re sure they’ll fill out quickly. Helga is more timid than her bigger sister, hanging back initially and watching to make sure all is safe before gently coming in for some pets and cuddles. She’s got a cute snaggletooth and a slightly off-kilter look, either from a congenital condition or earlier injury, but it doesn’t seem to both her or cause her any pain. We think it just makes her more distinctive! She isn’t yet comfortable walking on a leash but is happy to be picked up and carried when necessary. The girls get along great, but do not need to go to a home together.