49937 – Rhett

1 year
50 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/30
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Update 7/31: Rhett feels more comfortable at the pound and is such a sweet, gentle boy. After he explores a while, he likes to sit beside me enjoying pets and treats. Sometimes he’ll even put his head in my lap. While Rhett still seems a little unnerved by all the barking from the kennels, he does seem to like other dogs who are friendly and want to play at the fence. He and Mia hit it off and were so cute play bowing and trotting along the fence together. Rhett is a good dog who sits quietly in his kennel waiting to meet another new friend.

Rhett is a handsome dog with his red brindle coat and bunny ears. I could tell he was a little worried about all the barking from the kennels, but he stepped forward to be leashed and was comforted by pets. I guess being in one of the large interaction pens in the back was a little too much because Rhett spent most of his time running. I sat under my umbrella, and eventually he joined me, but Rhett was still worried about being at the pound. I’ll have to update his page when I know more about his personality. I can tell Rhett is a sweet boy. He just needs some time to feel comfortable.