49876, 49877 – Annabelle & Amelia

2 Years (49876) & 11 Months (49877)
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Campus Cats / Cat Zip Alliance!

Why choose me?

These two cuties came to the shelter after their previous owner could no longer care for them.  It’s ok though, because they are excited to find a new home!  Annabelle has a very unique-colored tortoiseshell fur, which has a cream color mixed in. She’s got a fun cream stripe on her nose, and cream-colored paws!  It’s almost like she’s wearing little booties.  Annabelle’s friend, Amelia, has sleek jet-black fur. Amelia is the braver of the two cats, and she’s ready to get out of the kennel and roam around!  Both cats are outgoing, like to be petted, and don’t seem to mind other cats.  Though they just recently arrived at the shelter (a scary experience for a cat), both cats are taking it in stride and don’t seem overly stressed out at all.   Annabelle is 2 years old, and Amelia is just under a year old.  They really love one another, so it’d be great if you could adopt these two girls together (though it’s not required).  We hope you’ll drop by the shelter and bring one or both of these lovely girls home today!