49852 – Charlie

2 years
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/14
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Why choose me?

Charlie is a really great dog. Friendly, obedient, and calm all describe this sweet boy. He’s also cute with his little Shar-Pei ears. Other dogs barked at Charlie as we walked by the kennels, but he minded his business ignoring them. He’s wonderful on a leash. Once we reached the interaction pen, his good behavior continued to shine as he’d come to me and then sit waiting for me to throw a toy. Charlie loves squeaky toys, and it’s all he can to do to sit and wait for one, but he does. After play time, Charlie and I relaxed in the shade, and I’d pet him as he sat by my side. He’s a super companion and would give me his big smile as we enjoyed each other’s company. I can’t say it enough–Charlie is a really great dog!