49843 – Marco

Rescue Only

8-10 months
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/13
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Why choose me?

When I first met Marco, he was really shy, but I could tell that he wanted a friend, so with a little coaxing he came to me to be leashed and walked to an interaction pen. He’s such a sweet dog, and once he trusted me he was sitting by my side leaning against me enjoying pets. Marco also seems to like other dogs. He and Boone had a fun, fast paced race along the fence, and later in the day, I saw him being introduced to another dog and did well. Give Marco time to get to know you, and you’ve got a best friend. He’s only available to rescues until he’s more comfortable at the pound, but from what I’ve seen he should be available for adoption as well as rescue soon.