49830 – Bella

1 Year
DSH / Oriental Shorthair-Mix
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 7/21/18
Rescued – Thanks Campus Cats / Cat Zip Alliance!

Why choose me?

Bella is a fancy cat who is just too refined to be stuck in a kennel at the shelter! This gorgeous lady is quite a looker, with her exotic Oriental Shorthair looks (fine-boned, long body, and large ears) and tortoiseshell markings.  She’s ready to sit on a royal throne of her own in a new home… well actually, your home will do just fine!  Bella likes very much to be petted, but she’s not so fond of the shelter environment, so she may be hiding when you come to meet her.  The shelter can be a scary place for any animal, so we don’t blame her for being afraid.  Please take the time to open her kennel door and patiently give her some attention.  You’ll find that Bella is very sweet, and will make a great companion.  We aren’t sure whether she is fond of other cats or not, but we’d bet she will do fine in a multiple-cat household as long as she has her own personal space. Come meet the fancy, exotic-looking Bella as soon as you can!