49789 – Rocket

6-12 months
54 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/10
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Why choose me?

When Rocket came out of his kennel, he was ready to fly! I tried to get pictures as he ran and leapt through the air, but they were all a blur, so I just stood back and watched the show. He was having a blast! I tossed a jumble ball his way, and that was hilarious as Rocket knocked it further away each time he tried to grab it. And then, once his energy was out, Rocket found some shade and collapsed on his belly extending his legs to relax and cool off. Now was the time to snap a few pictures and get in some pets. Rocky is an exuberant boy. He could work on his manners, but he really has a zest for life and having fun.