49730, 49731 – Jem & Scout

8 Weeks
FIV & FeLV status – n/a
Available when each reaches 2 pounds of weight (could be now!)
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Update 7/3/18 – We were able to get a few better pictures in one of their calmer moments. We all just love these sweet kittens, and you should really check out Jem’s coloring. That’s one gorgeous tabby pattern, if we do say so ourselves. So come meet them both and adopt them before someone else snatches them up!

Jem and Scout are cute little kittens who are so curious and playful, that they can barely hold still for a few photos.  Jem is the brown tabby, and Scout is the black kitty. These sweeties were much more interested in playing, exploring, and trying to exiting the kennel, rather than sitting still for some nice photos for the website.  They both LOVE other cats and really just wanted to check out what was going on in the next door kennel… hence, the blurry photos.  We don’t blame them at all – kittens want to run and play! You can make it happen by adopting them both… after all, 2 kittens are better than one, so they will always have a playmate and will never be lonely!