49720 – Rudy

Rescue Only

4-6 months
30 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/29
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Why choose me?

Rudy is a sweet, affectionate pup. Look beyond the demodex, and you’ll also see how cute he really is with his adorable ears and light green eyes. Just like other puppies his age, Rudy wants to be with people, play, and be loved on. He was curious about toys and other dogs in the adjoining interaction pen, but mostly he wanted to sit in the shade with me getting pets and treats. Rudy’s demodex (which is not contagious) is being treated, and with time and continued proper care, his coat should return. For now, he’s only available to rescues. Hopefully, someone will see Rudy for the sweetheart he is and give this young pup a chance for a better life.