49710 – Denali

3 years
50 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 7/3
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Why choose me?

Denali is a handsome fellow. He’s also friendly and hit it off with Rollin in the interaction pen next to us. They raced along the fence before deciding it was too hot for a marathon. Knowing it’s easy for huskies to overheat in this Georgia heat, I didn’t keep Denali outside too long, but for the time that we did spend together, he was well-behaved. He was good about coming to me, never jumped up, and seemed to be an all-around good-natured dog. I’m sure that someone has to be missing their best friend. He’s been well cared for and even smelled like he’d recently had a bath (which isn’t the usual here!). Hopefully, Denali will be reclaimed, but if not, he’ll need a new home—maybe one where he can be an inside dog enjoying his family and air conditioning!