49694 – Austin

2 years
30 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/28
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Why choose me?

Austin is a stunner! His good looks catch your eye but take him out and see what a really nice dog he is as well. When we first entered the interaction pen, Austin was excited to be out of his run and jumped up a few times, but I let him that he needed to keep his paws on the ground, and he was fine with that. He’d place his head against my leg as I petted him and loved all the attention. Austin seems to be a good-natured dog who liked being with me and watching the other dogs in nearby pens. He was found running and playing with another dog, and while his friend was reclaimed, Austin is still waiting for his owner to find him. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll need a new home. If you’re looking for a happy, easy-going companion, come spend some time with Austin!