49691 – Thaddeus

FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of TBA
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Rescued – Thanks Circle of Friends!

Why choose me?

Thaddeus is a handsome boy who just breaks your heart. He’s obviously a bit nervous to be at the shelter, but he clearly wants to be petted. When you open his kennel door, he’ll come out to greet you, but then he often slinks back to the back of his kennel as if he’s still not sure that it’s safe to be near the open door. And then within just a few seconds, he’ll come right back to you because he still wants attention. I’m sure this sweet boy will come out of his shell as he gets used to living at the shelter, but I’m hopeful that he won’t be with us too long. His long coat is absolutely stunning, and we know he’ll charm you with his striking good looks in combination with his sweet personality.