49688 – Annika

1 Year
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 7/16/18


Why choose me?

Meet Annika! You’ll notice right away that she has only one functional eye.  Let us tell you why– it’s a remarkable story of survival!  Annika was hit by a car, which caused her eye injury, along with “road rash” on her cheek and some bad swelling on her paws.  Luckily, a good Samaritan saw what happened and came to Annika’s rescue.  Thanks to dedicated shelter staff and some great vet care, Annika is now feeling great, and is ready to find her furever home.  Regarding her right eye, the vet has said that it’s simply “sunken”, and should be no problem for her going forward.  So please don’t be turned off by Annika’s “wink”.  We think it’s charming! Also, she’s got the most exotic coat pattern of the Bengal breed of cat, and personality of gold to match.  Won’t you complete Annika’s amazing journey of survival by adopting her into your heart and your home today?