49640 – Mocha

6-12 months
28 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/21
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Why choose me?

Mocha is adorable! She was so happy when I stopped at her kennel that her whole body wiggled as she wagged her tail. She had been watching other dogs have fun in the interaction pens, and she was ready to play! Mocha loves toys and had the best time running around the pen with toys that I’d throw for her. She’d shake them and toss them to catch and run with some more. I’d give Mocha a treat, and she’d take it beneath the picnic table to enjoy. Then she’d pop out with a big smile ready for another. Mocha is a sweet cutie. She’s been at the pound before (it’s how we know her name), so hopefully, she’d be reclaimed. If not, this fun little girl will need a new family for sharing smiles and good times!