49635 – Madeline

Rescue Only

1 year
Heartworm n/a
Available as of 6/21
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Why choose me?
Update 7/5: It’s amazing how much Madeline has improved! She’s making more friends and enjoying pets. She even liked being held. It’s still best to move slowly with Madeline and give her time to get to know you, but she’s making progress every day!

Update 7/1: Madeline has a friend who’s helping her learn to trust. He’s been sitting with her in the puppy room, and today she was ready to walk with him outside. Once they were in an interaction pen, she followed her new friend everywhere. Slowly but surely, Madeline is coming along. It’s nice to see her making progress!

Madeline is a gorgeous black and tan! She recently weaned puppies and is very scared at the shelter. Madeline gave a little wag when I put treats in her kennel. After a little while, she came and sniffed me. Madeline will need someone who can show her the world isn’t a scary place! She may open up quickly in a foster home!