49604 – Sushi

1 year old
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Sushi was surrendered to the shelter along with his buddy Mahi when their owners could no longer care for them. We don’t have a ton of pictures of Sushi right now because he’s not doing very well at the shelter at the moment, but we think he’s on the mend after a trip to the vet. Sushi is only a year old, but he suffers from what’s basically early-onset glaucoma. As a result, he’s already completely blind or very close to it. The only good news about that is that there isn’t anything further to be done about it. He does not need to have his eyes removed, as can be the case with conditions that are painful in and of themselves, and while he’ll never regain his vision, he’s not expected to have any further complications. You’ll also notice that in his picture he has a little blood on his nose. Shortly after arriving at the shelter, he developed some ulcers on his mouth that caused him some problems. But he’s on medications to treat those, and we hope he’ll be back to normal soon.

As far as working with Sushi, his blindness doesn’t seem to bother him too much except that he prefers you to let him sniff your hand before you start petting him. Since he can’t see, this helps keep him from being startled when someone starts petting him unexpectedly. He does seem to like his buddy Mahi, but they aren’t clearly dependent upon each other. But if they aren’t adopted together, we do think that Sushi would do well in a home with a calm buddy who can help serve as a guide.

We know it’ll take a special family to adopt Sushi, but blind cats can live long, happy lives, so we’re hoping you’ll give him a chance!