49598 – Apollo

1 year
70 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/11
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Why choose me?

Apollo is a handsome boy with stunning blue eyes. My pictures do not do him justice. Sadly, Apollo’s owner passed away, and there was no one who could take him in. Amazingly, he seemed to adjust to his new environment quickly and was ready to walk with me to an interaction pen. Glory and Daisy were having a great time racing along the fence in nearby interaction pens, and Apollo wanted to join in. He used to live with other dogs, and I imagine he would have had a good time. After several passes, Apollo joined me in the shade. When I patted my leg, he came closer and was happy to lean against me as I petted him. Apollo is a sweet, good-natured boy who’d like to have a new family to love.