49596 – Goon

1 year
Male – neutered!
65 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/16
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Why choose me?

Update 6/21: Goon is now available for adoption as well as rescue! He will need someone who can slowly work with him to build confidence. When Goon is scared, he reacts in anger since he doesn’t know what else to do (that was the case when he was at the pound the first time). He’s doing great now. Every time I take him out he takes care of his business (he seems to be house trained), quietly checks out any new scents, and then happily runs to me and immediately puts the front half of his body in my lap ready for pets and love. That’s where Goon stays for most of our time together. I absolutely adore him!

Update 6/19: I watched as another volunteer spent time with Goon today. He said that Goon is one of the most affectionate dogs he’s ever met at the pound. While Goon loves being a 65 pound lap dog, he’s also happy sitting next to you. He just wants to be close!

I’m not a fan of Goon’s name, but it’s his and he knows it. I think I’d rather call him Moon because now that he’s more comfortable at the pound, he really shines. When Goon came to Animal Control, he kept his head ducked and could often be found in the back of his run. He’d been here before, and at that time, he didn’t even want anyone to touch him. Well, that’s all changed! A volunteer he was with today even called Goon a big lap dog lovebug! He was sitting in her lap just as pretty as you please. It was so good to see Goon happy and loving being loved on. Goon is still only available to rescues as he continues to build his confidence, but I hope someone gives this sweet boy a chance and lets him shine on!