49529 – Andrea

6-12 months
43 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/11
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Why choose me?

When I first saw Andrea in her kennel, she was verrry welcoming and wanted so badly for me to be coming for her. She greeted me with some wigglin’ & wagglin’ and as we walked to the interaction pen, she surprised me how well she walked on a leash, given her young age.

Once we were inside the pen, she was wide open! Diamond was in the run next to us, and she was excited to run the fence with her for a bit and then come grab some lovin’ from me. She was a very gentle treat taker, and really just wanted to roll around in my lap the rest of the time.

She wasn’t too sure about the squeaky toys, but she was totally on point with cuddles. As I walked her back to her kennel it was obvious she didn’t want to go back in, and as I walked away from her kennel, she was very vocal about how she wanted to come back out to play.

I am almost certain someone is missing this near perfect puppy, but if she isn’t reclaimed, she is gonna make someone the most perfect companion!