49495, 49496, 49497 – Poppyseed, Brioche & Croissant (The Bread Kittens)

$50 in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!

Born Approx May 2018
Males (49495, 49497) & Female (49496)
FIV & FeLV status n/a
Available on 7/10/18


Why choose me?

Update 7/24/18: The Bread Litter kitten Ledger # 49494 has been adopted.  The remaining kittens are healthy and available for adoption. Plus, they now have names! Ledger # 49495 is the black kitten, named Poppyseed.  Poppyseed is the most outgoing of the three.  The tortoiseshell kitten (Ledger # 49496) is named Brioche, and she’s a gentle, loving little lady.  The brown tabby on white kitten (Ledger #49497) is named Croissant!  Croissant has the cutest facial expressions you’ve ever seen!

The Bread litter of kittens has a fun mix of colors, markings and purr-sonalities.  There are 2 brown tabbies, one tabico (calico with tabby markings), and one black kitten.  These sweeties do not yet weight 2 pounds, as of 6/5/18, so they are currently available to Rescue Groups only.  However, each kitten will become available to the general public once he/she reaches 2 pounds.  This should be pretty soon, so we hope you’ll stop by to meet these cuties!

Rescue groups - sponsorship funds are available

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