49482 – Saul

2 years
52 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 6/7
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Why choose me?

Update 6/11: I had a great time playing with Saul today. He LOVES playing fetch and was so good about bringing the ball back. It was a hot day, so he’d take little breaks under the picnic table, but as soon as I threw the ball again, he was happily racing after it to return for praise and treats. He’s such a sweet, fun dog!

When I first met Saul, I fell instantly in love. He was so ready to come out of his kennel and play. He is a good boy, with beautiful smiling eyes, and a very playful and tolerant demeanor. I had this superman tee in my bag, and he was all for getting it on! Very tolerant of me putting his legs through the holes, easy going when it was time to take it off, and he LOVED the squeaky toys! He also seemed to really love the male dog in the pen next to us, and showed no signs of being reactive to the other dogs. He seems like an all-around stand-up guy, and although he didn’t seem to know any basic commands, he was super eager and willing to learn. In just the short time I was with him, after his initial sniff around the pen, he came over and perched himself on my lap as though he was asking, “wanna teach me something?” … I think he will be a great companion to some family!