49479- Braelynn

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3 years old
Female – spayed!
49 lbs
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 5/31
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Update 8/13: Braelynn recently attended a community event with Major and Big Man. They had a blast meeting new people and playing in the pools. They not only had fun but showed how well they could listen and behave at a public event. Braelynn doesn’t always show well in her kennel at the pound–she’d rather be outside playing and having fun! It was good seeing her in a different setting. She was calm, well-behaved, good with Major and Big Man, and loved being with kids!

Update 7/24: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Braelynn has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Update 7/10: Kids from Teens in Action spent time with Braelynn, and here’s what they had to say: Braelynn is very energetic, happy, and social. She’s also athletic, agile, and quick. She can have a short attention span and get super excited, but she loves humans and animals very much. Braelynn is a little crazy in a good way!

Update 6/13: Braelynn is a beautiful energetic girl. As soon as she entered the interaction pen, she was looking for a buddy to run with. Daisy was in the adjoining pen and was perfect! These girls ran until they had nothing left. Braelynn knew she needed a break and headed for the pool for a nice long soak. Now that her energy was out, she could show me how well she could sit for treats. Braelynn’s former owners said she lived in an outdoor pen but was house trained and came inside, too. She was good with the eight-year old in the home and has been around other dogs (she was surrendered with Nikki). If you’re looking for an active dog, Braelynn might be the dog for you. Her kennel manners aren’t so great (she wants to come out!), so take her to an interaction pen, watch her run and get her energy out, and then relax together. She’s a sweetie who’s looking for a running buddy!

Braelynn arrived with Nikki and they are great friends! Braelynn is an active girl who was busy following all the commotion at the shelter! Braelynn and Nikki play nicely together and I’m sure Braelynn would love a doggy friend in her new home! She was focused on her surroundings and didn’t want to play with me, but that was no problem! Braelynn backed up into me so I could scratch her while she watched the world go by =)

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