49475 – Buddy

6-12 months
42 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 6/5
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Why choose me?

The minute I looked at Buddy through the kennel gate, I knew he was gonna be a fun playmate! His sweet smiling face told me he was super friendly and ready to play! Although he was happy to see me, he was also very good on the leash. He did not bark or react to any of the other barking dogs as we walked past.

There was another dog in the run just next door and at first Buddy was quiet, wagging, and super interested in observing from a distance, but soon after realizing the other dog seemed friendly, he moseyed on over to the fenceline to get a closer look (smell), and they were instant race buddies! It was the usual back and forth along the fenceline until Buddy tired out. I sat on the bench and called Buddy over to me. He came right over and jumped in my lap – all the way in my lap – like he was a little 20lb pup! He sat there for a little bit and then I wanted to see if he liked toys…

He LOVES toys, but either my treats were not his cup of tea, or he’s just not into ’em. He ran and played with the toys until he got tired and then retreated into the shade of the table with one toy, and just chewed and squeaked his little heart out. Buddy is young and doesn’t seem to know his size, so he’d probably be good with older kids and adults, because he is a little rambunctious and a little mouthy like most pups are.