49406 – Tiberius

Why choose me?

Tiberius was originally posted as an unwanted, injured cat on Facebook. A woman who volunteers with Athenspets saw him and rescued him. With help she got him all vetted including an x-ray of his right hind leg, which turned out to be just fine! His rescuer already having many, many animals decided the best path for Tiberius was to bring him to the shelter to find a forever home. Tiberius is a very sweet and laid back boy. He will greet you when you come home, talk to you about your day, ask to be picked up (by climbing into your arms), and give you kisses right on the lips. He does fine with kids, cats, and dogs but he especially loves dogs, as you can see from his picture. Sometimes he likes to join you under the covers in bed and he certainly wouldn’t mind if you shared a bite of your dinner. All in all, he’s a pretty great cat and it was very hard for his rescue to let him go. So hurry on down to the shelter before you miss your chance to meet him!