49394 – Orange Cat

2 Years
Male – Neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
No Longer Available. 🙁
Orange Cat was euthanized because of unpredictable aggression that made him too dangerous to be adoptable.

Why choose me?

You may recognize this dapper little fella from before… because Orange Cat is now back at the shelter.  It’s really no problem though, because we know that this charming kitty will find the right home very soon.  You see, Orange Cat’s previous adopters had a [human] toddler, and Orange Cat and the toddler did not quite understand one another. This is totally understandable and not unusual at all.  What we now know is that Orange Cat is independent, and likes some space to himself.  He loves to look out the window, so a cat tree or structure that gives him his own space is ideal for him to have in a new home. Orange Cat is indeed a jovial, relaxed guy, who doesn’t seem to mind that he’s back at the shelter.   Since Orange Cat is confident and laid-back, he will transition quite easily into your home. Come meet this handsome boy, with his fluffy tail today!