49364 – Big Man

View Big Man’s video and a video of him playing!

1 year
62 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 5/18
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Why choose me?
Update 6/12: Big Man is one fun dog! He loves people, toys, treats, and just being alive! You can’t help but smile with him and boy does he smile. Give Big Man a toy and his antics will make you laugh. Ask him to sit for a treat, and he sits gazing into your eyes waiting for his reward. I absolutely love Big Man and hope he finds a new home where his zest for life is appreciated. He’s got lots of good times to share!

Big Man is neither big nor a man, but he is a medium-sized, friendly 1 year old pup in his last stages of puppyhood. He was a gift to his former owner from a girlfriend; at some point after the girlfriend left, his owner brought Big Man to the shelter to swap him for a pit bull with a bigger head–once she had left, Big Man’s owner no longer wanted him. Big Man is intact, not up-to-date on his rabies vaccination, lived 24/7 in a pen so his former owner has no idea if he is good with cats, dogs, kids, or housetrained. He has significant hair loss and came in with a lot of fleas. Big Man deserves a new home where he can be a part of the family.