49359, 49360, 49361, 49362, 49393, 49394, 49487 – The Candy Kittens

2-3 Months
Sex – Various
DSH / Siamese-Mixes
FIV & FeLV status n/a
Available when kitten reaches 2 pounds of weight
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Why choose me?

The Candy Kittens are so much fun, because they are such a mixed “bag” of colors, personality, and fun.  This group started out with one litter, who was later joined by some extra kittens who needed to join a group.  This clowder of kittens is now sharing the same kennel – so you come meet this big group all at once.  Note that each kitten becomes available for adoption once he/she reaches 2 pounds of weight.  This entire group is also available to Rescue Groups at any time.   These kittens come with various colors and markings: brown kittens, black kittens, a seal point Siamese-mix, and a tortie-point Siamese-mix, among others.  We hope you’ll come meet them all!