49359, 49360, 49487 – Skittles, Mars & Starburst (The Candy Kittens)

3 Months
Males (#49359 & #49360), Female (#49487)
DSH (#49359 & #49360), Siamese-Mix (#49487)
FIV & FeLV status n/a
Rescued – Thanks Circle of Friends!

Why choose me?

Update 7/24/18: We are pleased to announce that four of the seven Candy Litter Kittens have been adopted (Ledger #49361, #49362, #49393 & #49394).  There are three kittens who are still available! The solid gray kitten (Ledger #49359) is named Skittles.  He’s a silly little guy, who pretends to be a bit “skittish”, but he’s really just ready to find a home of his own.  The cute little black kitten (Ledger #49360) is named Mars, and he’s the most outgoing of the three kittens.  Mars just wants some loving from you!  The Siamese-Mix kitten (Ledger #49487) is named Starburst. She’s a cautious young lady who is ready to take on the world in your home!

These kittens are still experiencing some symptoms of URI, but they are feeling much better than before – so please pardon some snotty noses or red eyes, just like any cold you may experience. They are still on the road to recovery and will be there soon if not now!

The Candy Kittens are so much fun, because they are such a mixed “bag” of colors, personality, and fun.  This group started out with one litter, who was later joined by some extra kittens who needed to join a group.  This clowder of kittens is now sharing the same kennel – so you come meet this big group all at once.  Note that each kitten becomes available for adoption once he/she reaches 2 pounds of weight.  This entire group is also available to Rescue Groups at any time.   These kittens come with various colors and markings: brown kittens, black kittens, a seal point Siamese-mix, and a tortie-point Siamese-mix, among others.  We hope you’ll come meet them all!