49315 – Tater

4-6 months
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/20
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Why choose me?

Update 5/16: Tater is no longer shy about leaving the back of his kennel. Today, he greeted me with a full body waggle ready for love and treats. While we were together, we got caught in the rain but that was okay–Tater loved lots of cuddle time under the umbrella!

Tater is a sweetie who’ll steal your heart! He’s a little shy in his kennel and might be sitting on his bed in the back, so ask for help to take him out. You’ll be glad you did because once Tater is in the interaction pen with you, he’s your best little buddy. He was my shadow and followed me everywhere curious about what I was doing and hoping for pets and treats. He also loves being held. I could have spent my day with this sweet cutie. Come meet Tater and fall in love!