49310 – Taylor

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6-12 months
35 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/18
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Why choose me?

What a fun little sweetie Taylor is! She’s still very much a teenage puppy – more legs than body right now, and at 35 pounds, she still has some growing to do. She’s also very striking looking with her light blue eyes, husky coloring and, most uniquely, a bobbed tail that looks like it could belong on a white-tailed deer. Her personality couldn’t be better – she’s full of love and kisses, and is very submissive – she’ll roll on her back in a heartbeat to show you that you’re her leader – although if you also take the opportunity to give her a belly rub, she won’t complain 🙂 We don’t know if Taylor has had any experience with a kiddie pool, but she sure took to the one at the shelter today! Unlike many dogs, she didn’t treat it like the world’s biggest water bowl – she stepped right in, walked around in it to size it up, then took a sudden dive (in six inches of water) and had a little water festival of her own. When Taylor’s new family is asked what kind of dog she is they can say part dog, part deer and part porpoise!