49269 – Big Time

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5 years
67 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/14
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Why choose me?

I had the BEST time playing with Big Time. He LOVES playing fetch and catch. When I held up a tennis ball, he gave me his full attention and was itching for me to throw it. He’d charge after the ball every time and was good about bringing it back. Sometimes, he’d proudly prance around with it for a minute, but then he’d let me have it to keep our game going. If Big Time missed a ball during catch, he never gave up on it and chased it down. He’d be a coach’s dream. Big Time is not only fun but well behaved. He didn’t want any treats today, but he’d sit waiting for the ball. He also walked well on a leash (a happy surprise for me since he’s a big boy at 67 pounds) and didn’t get upset when other dogs barked at him from their kennels. Big Time is a great dog, and whoever adopts him will not only have a good buddy but also a shortstop or center fielder!