49267 – Jewel

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2 years
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 5/14
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Update 5/14:
Yesterday was spa day for Jewel at the shelter! There was a filled kiddie pool in the interaction pen, and after circling it a couple of times and taking a little sip, she carefully stepped in, then laid down and let the water wash over her. No splashing and diving for Jewel – she just stretched out and relaxed. (And we’ve got video to prove it.) I can just picture her in sunglasses, floating on a little raft in a people-sized pool. A pool is not required for adopting Jewel, but she’d make good use of one in the hot Athens summer.

Jewel is all sweetness and love. You can see that she hasn’t had the best life. She’s had far too many litters, and one of her ears looks like it’s been chewed on, but give her some love and she melts in your arms. She likes treats, but she LOVES being loved on. Her whole face lights up when you talk to her and pet her, and she’s content to cuddle or sit with you as long as you like. Look beyond her overbred body and torn ear, and you’ll see that Jewel is beautiful both inside and out. She wants to be loved and has lots of love (and kisses!) to share.