49261 – Jones

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6-12 months
50 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 5/13
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Why choose me?

Jones and Junie B. are best friends and came in together. Their owner left them with a friend and never returned, so it’s understandable that they’re initially a little shy when they first meet you. Jones watched as I took Junie B. to an interaction pen, so when I took him out, he couldn’t wait to be with his friend again. Their kennels are across from one another so they can see each other, but actually being together was a happy reunion. There were kisses and tail wags all around. Then they played with Jones sometimes jumping over Junie B. or both in a race for a toy that I’d throw. Jones especially likes toys while Junie B. was more interested in winning the race. They’re both sweet dogs and liked treats. At first, they were shy about being petted but then got the hang of it and enjoyed the attention. Jones and Junie B. don’t have to be adopted or rescued together; it’s more important that they find loving homes with families who’ll always be there for them. Come meet this sweet, fun duo!