49253 – Brava

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Watch Brava and Samson having a great time playing together!

2 years
Female – spayed!
46 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 5/5
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Update 5/18: Brava and Samson are now playmates! They were all smiles during their meet-and-greet and mixed their playful spurts in with companionable calm. They can only play together if a staff member is present, but if things are quiet around the shelter while you are visiting, you can ask if it’s a good time for a play date!

Brava is a happy blondie who is taking her incarceration at the shelter in stride. She’s got a tail wag for every creature she sees on two legs or four. When we had her out in the interaction pen, Samson was in the adjoining pen and they gave each other some calm and friendly sniffs through the chainlink. I think Samson would have liked to play more, but the interaction pen was new territory for Brava and she had lots of sniffing to do. Maybe next time! Brava is a solid girl, not fat, just well-built. She definitely likes her groceries though – when her lunch time kibble was delivered to her run, I saw her literally jump for joy!