49241, 49233 & 49356 – SumoBaby, Ollie & Angie

2-3 Months
Males (49241, 49233) & Female (49356)
DMH (49241) & DSH (49233, 49356)
FIV & FeLV status n/a
Rescued – Thanks Campus Cats / Cat Zip Alliance!

Why choose me?

These three little kittens have made the purr-fect blended family, because they all came in from different litters, but have become friends and now share the same kennel.  A bit about this fun group:  SumoBaby is the black colored medium-hair, who arrived at the shelter back in early April as a young little kitten.  He was always a big and fluffy, chubby guy, though – hence his fun name.  Ollie is the buff (light-orange) tabby, and he is the most curious and social of the bunch.  The newest arrival to this group is Angie, who is a brown classic tabby.  She wants to act like a tough boss, but really, she’s just a kitten who needs a bit of socializing by some humans.  These kittens are available for adoption to the public as soon as they reach 2 pounds of weight, which is any day now.  Prior to that, they are available to Rescue Groups Only.  Please consider adopting one or more of these little balls of joy today!